Dive into the world of athletes/artists.

Collaborate. Share. Engage.

Connect consumers to your brand in a more deep and authentic way

Capture dedicated customers by genuinely supporting the athlete/artist they follow. You don’t just sell through a partnered page but also build a customer base that naturally acts as brand ambassadors and micro-influencers.

Strike deals that sell with flair

Sell your products through a partnered page. You will have our support from testing out a partnership to seeking larger partnerships involving content creation and social campaigns.

Before an agreement, we play the “agent” to ensure everything goes smoothly. After a deal is struck, our platform automates who gets what for every onsite sale.

Let the artists focus on what they do best, all you have to do is hold up your end of the bargain and enjoy more product sales.

We are anything but normal

Dip your toes into a trial partnership or go gigantic and do something truly game-changing. We’ll connect you with trusted athletes/artists based on your goals. Partnerships are stricken easily and successfully and you match with the right voices for your brand.

Want to be a part of this phenomenal ecosystem?


A-ttract a dedicated customer base.
B-ecome a brand whose personality sells.

Talk to us and discover how you can sell more in less time – sales@ucxtech.com
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