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Lens Cleaner Reinvented.

About Z Clear Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog

Here at Z Clear, we reinvented lens cleaner.

We believe in making the best quality and longest lasting anti-fog and eyeglass lens cleaner on the market.

Our founder, David Ward, dreamed up a powerful lens cleaning solution in the little town of Malad, Idaho. He found what he believed to be the best anti-fog eyeglass cleaner solution available. David would go to the local grocery store to demonstrate and sell his magic recipe. On multiple occasions his kids would come along to help. Believing his eyeglass lens cleaning solution was better than anything that could be found in stores, David discovered people quickly fell in love with his product once they tried it. 

Z Clear is a family-owned company and has been operating for over 45 years. Davids’ grandson, Chris Ward, continues his legacy in Ogden, Utah by improving the design of manufacturing, distribution, marketing and the best anti-fog and eyeglass lens cleaner solution available. Made by hand and in small batches, Z Clear is reinventing the way an eyeglass lens cleaner can be used. Each jar and bottle contains strong anti-fog properties, scratch-filler effects and non-alcohol soap for killing germs and bacteria  – making it the best all-around anti-fog and eyeglass lens cleaner solution you can find.

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For the best results

– A little goes a long way

– MUST be applied to a dry surface for best anti-fog effects

– Allow solution to completely dry before removing

– Always use a soft microfiber cloth to remove lens cleaner

– Store microfiber cloth in area where it can not get dirty

* Repeat cleanings often for lasting clear vision