Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage

Leverage our RCS pricing model and enable cloud migration at a fraction of the cost.

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Our Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) pricing model allows you to purchase a reserved amount of cloud storage for a fixed price for periods of 1,3, or 5 years. Wasabi RCS is a perfect solution to support back-up, archive, and other cloud storage strategies like hybrid and multi-cloud architectures for less than on-premises storage hardware.
For example, a 100 TB storage appliance from one of the leading manufacturers has a list price of approximately $130,000 whereas a 100 TB/5 year Wasabi RCS package costs under $40,000, including premium technical support. RCS is an ideal option for those businesses that prefer one-time payments to monthly billing.

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“We want to make buying cloud storage just like buying hardware. RCS helps customers with budgeting, purchasing, and planning their storage”

– David Friend, CEO at Wasabi