The medical benefits of CBD are well-documented, and its use in various forms has become more and more popular in recent years. CBD can aid in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis, and has been shown to help reduce anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. CBD also has antibacterial properties that can help heal small cuts, scrapes, and burns and defend them from infection.
Humans are not the only ones who can benefit from CBD, though. There are a number of CBD products specifically designed for cats and dogs on the market today. With the use of organic CBD for cats and dogs, your pet can now enjoy the calming and pain-relieving effects of CBD without ingesting a product that wasn’t designed for their digestive systems to handle.
The Green Pet Shop, one of the pioneer companies to bring CBD to the pet industry, is proud to present the all-new CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen.

The Green Pet Shop CBD

Here at The Green Pet Shop, we understand that your animal is more than just a pet; they are part of the family. Like any other family member, you want to be able to provide them with the best life possible. With that goal in mind, The Green Pet Shop has offered quality and eco-friendly pet products at an affordable price for over a decade, including organic and GMO-free CBD for pets.

The CBD Pet Care Story

At The Green Pet Shop, our mission is to bring unique, high quality, eco-friendly and natural products to our customers at an affordable rate. We were the first company to bring a transdermal CBD product to the pet industry in 2015. With the influx of so many new products flooding the market in recent months, we were not going to bring another new product to market unless we were confident that this product would be unique and the highest quality product on the market today.


We had a very nice experience using CBD Pet Care's Calming and Soothing Gel. Often we would have to give Radar a tranquilizer to trim his nails. Seven minutes after apply CBD Pet Care, he was only slightly resistant. After that, Radar never moved a leg while we trimmed his toenails. The owner was very impressed. 

Dr Porter