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Performance is not just for athletes. It's for anyone who wants to enjoy consistent strength, health, and endurance—all day. That's exactly what our physician-formulated products have offered for over 15 years. The best of science and nature, with every ingredient selected for maximum potency and purity.

PureClean Performance Promises

Have 2 servings of our beet-Infused Performance and Endurance products daily. This is especially important for those over 40 and competitive athletes.

Down two or three servings of our amino acid-rich strength and recovery products daily. Higher dosing is essential with intense training, mental stress, illness, injury, and surgery.

Keep BEET’UMS™ always within reach. They are energy boosting, hunger eliminating, travel-clutch, and our go-to endurance training and competition prime-up and push-through product.


The human body was designed to thrive on natural nutrients, not synthetic chemicals. That’s why our products, formulated by Dr. Rick Cohen, are made of 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients. We believe in the importance of high quality ingredients and strive to use whole foods to increase product purity and potency, ensuring your body gets exactly what it needs for optimum strength, health, and endurance.

Many of our products also incorporate the clinically researched, “miracle molecule”, which is found surprisingly in red beets.


Professional & Olympic Athlete Approved

Adam Pulford

CTS Pro Coach

Your stuff is incredible! When using UNBEETABREW and BEET’UMS I definitely see an increased ability to dig deeper for longer with better focus on the task at hand. And, the data further affirms that I’ve hit peak powers in less time with better 60-90 min power output. Thanks again, and please know I’ve been sending my athletes to PCP.

Joshua Goyet

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

I am really enjoying it. I’m using a combination of coffee in the morning and a single serving of beet juice before training. Excited to see the long term results because I tend to forget to take the beets on rest days.

Flavia Oliveira-Parks

Professional Cyclist, 2016 Olympian, 7th Place Women’s Road Race

As a professional cyclist, planning and preparing for races drives every training and nutrition decision I make. It’s my job to push my body hard. My work is about becoming fitter, faster, and stronger. And wherever that work takes me, I take Pureclean Performance along!”

Alexey Vermeulen

Professional Cyclist

BEET'UMS are my water droplet while moving, they give me the mental focus to perform at my highest ability day in and day out and something I consider essential when packing for a race.


The human body was designed to thrive on natural nutrients, not synthetic chemicals. That’s why our products are made of 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients. We also strive to use whole foods to increase product purity and potency, ensuring your body gets exactly what it needs for optimum performance and health.


We believe in the importance of high-quality ingredients, and one of our favorites is beets. This super food offers the ultimate all-natural sports performance boost thanks to it’s super power of nitric oxide support. Nitric oxide is the “miracle molecule” that improves your body’s oxygen delivery system for your best training, racing, and recovery results.


Our products were formulated by Dr. Rick Cohen, M.D., to help athletes like you achieve your best results while also improving your overall health. Whether you’re focused on strength and recovery, interested in more energy and stamina, or hoping to boost your immunity and longevity, PureClean Performance has the right product for you.

Hi, I'm Dr. Rick, creator of PureClean Performance

I’ve worked as a specialist in nutritional medicine and sports performance for more than two decades. I strive to stay on the forefront of advancements in medicine, which is why I’ve developed a number of innovative treatment programs that have successfully helped my patients enhance their sports performance as well as eliminate a variety of health problems.

Sports performance isn’t just my job, it’s part of my personal life as well. My wife is a triathlete and my kids played a variety of sports over the years, so I know firsthand how overall health affects sports performance.

I received my undergraduate degree with honors of distinction from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and I received my medical degree from Hahnemann Medical University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a proud member of several professional organizations including the American College for the Advancement of Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

We care about your hard work and your results more than anyone.

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