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USDA certified organic, plant-based remedies made with ingredients sourced from people
who grow them.


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We have gone around the world to source some of the planet’s most powerful adaptogens to formulate remedies specifically for your needs.
Whether you are looking to boost your immune system, combat inflammation, promote relaxation, or sleep better, we have the remedy for you.

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More and more people are trying to improve their lives using alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We are dedicated to helping you do just that, so you can live a happy, healthy life. We let nature lead when harnessing the healing powers of plants to support your daily life with our USDA Certified Organic natural remedies with CBD. To ensure you get the B.E.S.T nature has to offer, we use Botanical ingredients to Enrich your life using Sustainable methods & Transparent practices.

Certified Quality

One Farm is ideologically and pragmatically committed to the protection of the planet & its forests, mountains, water sources, and the environmental balance as a whole. We remain true to our purpose of connecting people to plant-based remedies humans have been using for countless centuries to promote wellness & healing. The farms we work with hold various environmental and global certification including:

From Farm To Us To You

Our origin is rooted in organic Hemp farming, so we know it takes a community of people to  harness natural remedies from the ground up: growers, makers, producers, suppliers, & customers who care. Once the whole ingredients are sourced, We control every step of the manufacturing process until the final product ships directly to you. Know where each ingredients comes from, how it was grown, and why it is being used in the USDA-certified organic natural remedies we’ve developed to improve your life. Learn more about the single- source farms we work with.

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We know nature can design ingredients better than any laboratory. Each natural ingredient contains a “proprietary” blend of nutrients that has been perfected over time to harmoniously work together to provide you with the optimal product. We’re committed to sharing our knowledge with you, that’s why we have done the leg work to identify exactly what’s in each of our remedies & where it came from. Take a deeper dive inside the bottle to learn the origins, historical uses, research and benefits of each raw ingredient we’ve sourced from our farmers especially for you.