The NiTOR Story

NiTOR was created out of a need for something better. The supplement industry is filled with garbage. Proteins packed with sawdust and filler. They promise results they can’t deliver. NiTOR holds true to the promises. No clumps, no sawdust, no bloat, no gas. Just pure protein. 

We are committed to using clean ingredients. We don’t use extra chemicals and fillers. Just natural ingredients that deliver the results you want without compromising your health. Get the results you’ve earned. 

“I honestly can’t live a day without my NiTOR. I love, love, love it and am hopping on to buy more of the amazing chocolate today”

JAMIE GROVE, Fitness Coach, World Cup Medalist

“I hear people say all protein is the same… NOPE ! It’s the science and technology under the hood… and Dr. David Sherwood has dedicated himself to this research. Bottom line is know what you’re putting into your body and invest in the stuff that works”

MICHAEL LEAR, Multi World Record Holder (Raw)

“After just 4 days I notices a huge increase in energy and now don’t have to rely on my caffeine pick-me-up, and no bloat.” 

BRIELLE ATKIN, USAW IWF World Championships, Team 2013