The “I feel better”

“I feel better” is a statement of our commitment to our customers, clinicians and patients to deliver upon our promises of unparalleled service, educational support and healthy outcomes in the clinical segments we participate.

Who is medi®?

medi® is committed to helping people all around the world live more independent, productive and satisfying lives while managing their circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues. medi takes its position as a global leader in medical compression and orthopedics seriously by investing in research, education and innovation by providing the latest technologies and enabling our patients to not only manage their challenges, but to enjoy life to its fullest. “I feel better” is a statement of our commitment to our customers, clinicians and patients to deliver upon our promises of unparalleled service, educational support and healthy outcomes in the clinical segments we participate.

The “I feel better” promise

Healthcare Professional

Venous Health Solutions


Learn about the medi elastic compression portfolio and how they can help improve patient outcomes.


The “I feel better” promise


Lymphedema Solutions


Review the medi product options within the mediven and circaid offering and where they can be applied within the treatment process.

Wound Care Solutions


Learn about the medi wound healing process of Prepare, Heal, and Prevent and the various products used to enhance healing rates and reduce costs.


Orthopedic Solutions


Explore the bracing and support solutions for treatment of the multitude of orthopedic injuries and conditions.

Footcare Solutions


Learn about the medi foot insole products and the numerous solutions options available to treat patients.


Restless Leg Syndrome


A drug-free treatment for RLS with clinical evidence.

The medi® product solutions center

The medi product portfolio is comprised of a variety of brands that support our clinical business segments of venous health, lymphedema, wound care and orthopedic treatments.

Compression Therapy brands


Our collection of compression therapy products is undeniably the most comprehensive in the world. The collection boasts a variation of materials, styles, appearances, applications, and delivery methods. 

Orthopedic bracing and foot care

The medi orthopedic collection is made up of professional bracing and retail-packaged products. The professional bracing and supports are a full line-up of quality products designed for applications usually diagnosed by a clinician. The protect orthopedic line is designed for minor injuries and those who are looking to self-treat.

Screening and Scanning Technology

As established leaders in our clinical segments, medi had developed strategic partnerships with outside companies with unique technologies that can help the advancement of treatment of the disease states.  medi has established strategic partnerships with MESI to help distribute an ABPI screening device, and LymphaTech® to integrate digital scanning to create the future of custom-garment measuring.

Advanced Wound care

Advancis® is a manufacturer of high-quality dressings out of the United Kingdom.  The product assortment is made up of Eclypse® Super Absorbent Polymer dressings, Activon® 100% Manuka Honey products, Advazorb® Foam dressings, and the Silflex line of silicone contact layers and tapes

medi USA

medi produces medical aids for a variety of conditions and life situations. But we don’t see ourselves solely as a manufacturer. On the contrary, we handle our own research and development, technology, production, marketing and sales inhouse – always keeping our focus on the market, its demands and variables, and the medi vision.