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Intelligent Hemp Technology Specifically for the Food, Beverage, and Wellness Industries

Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company that specializes in molecular encapsulation of active hemp ingredients, creating new products from scratch, and remediating THC.

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We don’t sell you products – we provide science and peace of mind.

With over 50 years experience in regulatory, DOH, DEP, controlled substance testing, laboratory management, formulations, global sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution — Hemp Synergistics is the industry authority on quality control and producing to large scale. If you want to know exactly what is in the products your business depends on, partner with Hemp Synergistics to supply your hemp-based ingredients and CBD.

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Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company that provides the highest-quality, THC-free hemp based ingredients and consumer products. Our mission can be summarized in three words: Science, Quality, Solutions. We believe in leveraging our team’s multi-industry expertise to create the most effective products for our consumers and partners. Hemp Synergistics’ executive team members are veterans of forensic controlled substance testing from numerous Department of Health and environmental protection agencies. With extensive experience in regulatory testing, laboratory management, business development, supply chain development, marketing, sales, and operations, Hemp Synergistics is emerging as a leader in the hemp industry.

We provide quality scientific solutions. Hemp Synergistics makes intelligent hemp products. Our pharmaceutical-grade biotechnology lab creates standardized hemp ingredients and specializes in bringing the highest quality THC-free consumer products to market. Our FDA-registered facility follows cGMP regulations, is certified organic, and provides the following services for your cannabinoid product needs:

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We had never considered the possible applications of CBD in our snack food business until we met Ron Fazio of Hemp Synergistics. Ron demystified the world of CBD for us and made us aware of a host of viable options available for our business to get involved with CBD. His knowledge of CBD, related products and pros/cons of all of the different derivatives opened our eyes to opportunities that we were completely unaware of. Ron also provided us with sound guidance related to the ethical and legal ramifications of the various CBD-related options we were considering and this provided us with considerable peace of mind that we were going down the right path for our company.

Karl Brown

Owner, Pretzel Company, Inc

Our Products and Services

We offer THC-Free, custom cannabinoid formulations at scale.

We take the time to listen to how you want to use the product and make recommendations based on your needs. Many buyers do not know all the possibilities – we will ask the questions that no one else has asked and provide the information you need to make informed choices.

Custom, THC-Free Distillates

THC, CBN, terpenes, full/broad spectrum – we know them all and will be happy to share our knowledge with you.