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Age breaks them down, 
HAPPYBOND build them back up!

Dogs make us happy -

So let's return the favor & share the love.

We believe this means not only increasing our dogs’ lifespans, but making sure their lives are filled with vitality and tail wagging joy. At HAPPYBOND, we call this increasing our dogs’ HealthSpans through keeping balance in mind, body and play.




Curious to see how your emotional and relational needs compare to your furry best friend?​

Dogs, like us, have biological needs such as breathing, sleeping, and eating nutritious food in order to stay healthy. However, our complex furry friends also have a wide range of emotional needs, just like humans, such as compassion, love, trust, security, as well as a sense of home and possession. In addition, they have deep social needs for intimacy and belonging, mirroring our own relationships with family and friends.

When it comes to training and accomplishment needs, similarly to how humans can grow their self esteem through overcoming challenges, developing new skills, and creating, your pup also builds confidence through the creative process and challenges like learning new tricks. Lastly, just like us, each pup has a unique set of cognitive needs for problem solving, learning, and self actualization.

Changes in nutrition impact us & our best friends fairly quickly – often surprisingly within weeks.

We all know that it is extremely difficult to to always eat healthy and maintain exactly the same routine. At HAPPYBOND, we don’t want to eliminate treats (or even “human food!”) from our dogs’ diets. Instead our goal is to share easy ways to make sure your dog receives the essential nutrition for living a full, happy, and healthy life.


Walking your dog is a basic need.

During a walk outside, we are reconnecting with nature, and bonding with our pups. Dogs need this form of socialising, interacting with other pups along the way.





We all need mental stimulations, our brains need fuel to think and grow.

Our dogs are smarter than we give them credit, and they need stimulation too! Stimulation can range from learning commands to finding objects. whatever it is, stimulation is paramount for the health of your pupper.

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