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Back Pain, Meet Recoil.

Traditionally, back braces have been used to provide support for back pain. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t. Most of the time, they just made moving and breathing hard to do as back braces use restrictive pressure and tend to be made out of restrictive materials. When you wear a back brace, you typically don’t feel like moving because it’s difficult, and since you can’t take deep breaths, you don’t get enough oxygen or blood flow. Both are important because oxygen helps to activate your muscles so you can strengthen them, while a good blood supply to the affected area reduces inflammation and pain. There’s also the back braces which aren’t supportive enough usually made from flimsy materials which really don’t help you at all with support or relief. 

The Recoil Spinal Support System is different…we call it the “un-brace” because it allows you to move and breath freely while providing optimum and customizable support. The layered technology works with a milder compression encouraging you to move naturally, which promotes healing. The technology can also absorb painful repercussions from movements like driving in a car, or playing golf. It can help with a variety of conditions from muscular to disc to cartilage issues. Talk to your healthcare practitioner today to see how Recoil can help you.

The Recoil Spinal Support System is Different |


Move Without Pain

The patented technology in Recoil promotes ACTIVE motion without the fear of sudden pain. Go ahead – pick up your children, walk the dog, swing a golf club or simply walk up the stairs. Recoil provides the support necessary to avoid pain.

Customized for Comfort

Recoil is designed with high quality materials which are flexible and breathable so you can get the support you need all day long.

The Recoil Spinal Support System is Different |


Sit Without Pain

Recoil’s new technology also acts as a shock absorber to protect you from pain when in a REACTIVE state – driving over bumpy roads, sitting on trains, planes, buses or simply riding a lawn mower.

Adjusts to Pain Level

We all have good and bad days – Recoil is fully adjustable to meet your specific needs and changing pain levels. It comes with three removable panels and a hot & cold therapy pack so you can get the variable support and comfort you need for the day. 

1. Easy Pull Thumb Tabs.

Extra wide straps for maximum support and durability

2. Rotational Equalizing. Technology

Hinge panel that allows system to fully interact with your body

3. Equalizing Angle Straps

Adjust to provide proper fit and interaction with the body

4. Pull Straps

Extra wide high tension straps for maximum support and durability

5. Equalizing Lateral Panels

Provides lateral strength and

6. No-Sag Lateral Panels

Maintains proper positioning for
best support

7. 3Panels Options

Provide varied levels of support depending on how you feel that day. Also includes hot cold pack for
when you over do it.

8. Non-Slip Silicone Zones

Hold Recoil in place and prevent migration

We're Here to Help

We believe that those who experience back pain shouldn’t settle for anything less than the ability to enjoy life without the limitations of traditional pain therapy or possible side effects of surgical procedures and narcotics. In short- we help you feel your best, so you can be your best.

Richard L.


I absolutely love this support system. It’s amazing. I can feel a huge difference in my back even once I take it off.  It’s really helping me stay active.


Don’t Put Off Relief Any Longer

Recoil is covered by Medicare, and most major health insurances, which means there will be little or no cost to you. Call now to find out more. We look forward to helping you relieve your pain so you can get back to doing the things you love most.