Welcome to No Barriers Medicine and the Practice of Bruce L. Feldman, M.D.

Why would you stop looking for answers to health issues or preventative care, when there are so many alternatives to consider?  Even ideas that may seem outlandish—like every major innovation in history—can be treasure troves of solutions that can impact your life.

At FeldMed we don’t stop looking, and instead combine the conventional medicine you may be used to with both eastern medicine that almost 5 billion people consider mainstream, and new technologies and thinking that one day are certain to become standard practice. It’s a different viewpoint on what makes you tick and can help you to live the life you deserve.

Why is the most advanced country in the world #43 in life expectancy?

Find out how FeldMed is doing everything it can to change that.

FeldMed… the best of all worlds.

FeldMed is Dr. Bruce Feldman’s own blend of many different disciplines that promote healing and prevent disease.  Unlike the variety of disciplines and schools of thought with names as confusing as Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrated Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and even Western and Eastern Medicine, Dr. Feldman pulls together what he feels are the best parts of each to create a practice that is singular in its approach.

“If someone SAYS they have all the answers, they probably don’t.”


The newest therapy to limit your chances of a heart attack.

See the connection between teeth hygiene and heart health with FeldMed.

Dr. Feldman

  • Board-certified in Internal Medicine

  • 33+ years of experience

  • Graduated from Temple University School of Medicine

  • Residency at the University of Maryland/Baltimore VAMC, and Good Samaritan Hospital, an affiliate hospital of the Johns Hopkins University

  • 10 years in private practice located in Gloucester, MA., rising to Medical Director

  • Returned to NY to become Asst. Chairman of Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan

  • 10 years as Medical Director with insurance companies developing programs for managing 100,000 patients in New York City

In 2009, Dr. Feldman realized that, despite his efforts to reform insurance-based medical care from the inside, his future resided in working outside conventional models in order to provide the level of care and service he thought his patients deserved.

Good medicine is thinking, but great medicine is thinking beyond the obvious.

When it comes to your health, FeldMed helps you swim before you sink.