The most affordable storage on demand

Quick data access and increased safety for only $0.004 per GB/mo.

Safely store your data in the cloud and minimize data storage costs. Book a demo to learn how!

With CrowdStorage Polycloud you get:

*There are no egress or API fees as long as you do not egress more than 100% of your data during the month.

Access to all of Polycloud

Always free 10 GB storage


S3 Compatible API

No egress fees*

*There are no egress or API fees as long as you do not egress more than 100% of your data during the month.


An ideal backup
solution for businesses

The world’s largest distributed cloud storage platform is simply more reliable. Polycloud delivers global, S3-compatible distributed cloud storage to data diligent businesses. You get data storage and backup with quick access, increased safety, and price efficiency.

Geographically redundant backup and storage for your data

With our multi-geo storage solution, you can have multiple servers, drives, and geographic locations storing your data for you. This allows you to take full advantage of our low cost, but still be able to get reliable access to your data.

Learn how you can minimize data storage costs and protect your data at the same time.


Our unique networked storage technology creates a more secure, and more reliable network — at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Whether you need primary or secondary storage in the cloud, accessible data archive, or long-term storage, Polycloud’s price point makes it easy to have it all.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your data

Get global cloud storage at an affordable price and be confident that it’s backed by military-grade encryption. With Polycloud, you can get the best cloud storage on the market at just $4/TB per month.



Geo-redundant data storage prevents disruption and enables greater than eleven 9’s of durability.



State-of-the-art encryption and a distributed data repository for unparalleled security.



Immediate access and high-speed streaming capability with 99.99% availability.



Pay 85% less for cloud storage than the big techs and don’t pay additional fees for egress*, ops, or retrieval.

Data diligent businesses use Polycloud

JT Hwang, CTO at Vivint
“We use CrowdStorage to store and stream petabytes of video for over one million customers. They allow us to capture significant savings compared to using AWS with better SLAs.”

Learn how you can make your business data diligent and move it to the cloud!

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