CanBMD is now offering selected affiliates a new way to sell CanBMD products

*powered by UCX

Patients buy products directly from the store we create for you.

  • Your own brandー the online store is personalized for you with images and designs
  • Ready-to-sell products ー your custom-designed store is instantly populated with products
  • Trustworthinessー your patients know you, they’ll feel more confident buying from your store

Zero responsibility. We set up and manage the store for you. All you have to do is direct patients to your store via the QR code or store link.

Setup cost covered by CanBMD

More flexible access to CanBMD products, for you and your patients.

Sell through your custom-tailored affiliate store

Get a $2500 value for FREE. Get your own online store that reflects your personal brand. 
Products of your choice are added to your storefront. Combine different products from different providers, to turn your store into a diverse product portfolio that caters to your audience. Collaborate with multiple brands and attract your audience in one location.

Transparent and automatic commission payouts

With transparent tracking and reporting, you can see sales made from your store, and your earnings at any time. Commissions are scheduled to be paid automatically, so you always receive payouts on time.

Your online store is built on the UCX Platform. UCX is HIPPA certified, handling your protected patient data with care.

Make it easy for patients

You will no longer get your patients confused with easy-to-lose coupon codes or scattered across websites. Your patients conveniently find multiple solutions in one location within your store!

  • Easy access to your store via QR code or store link
  • Order for patients directly from your clinic
  • Access multiple products in one location within your store
  • Fast loading time and a simple checkout process

Pain happens even after working hours. That’s why your online store is accessible 24/7!

Already have a website?
Easily integrate store link to your menu. Learn how you can do this and more.

CanBMD provides all the marketing collateral

We provide the necessary collateral to drive patients to your products page and make more sales.

Digital Marketing Collateral

Print Marketing Collateral

Support from a dedicated team

You’ll have a dedicated team at your disposal ready to assist you. We’ll walk through the ins and outs of your store, individually answer your questions, and provide support for you every step of the way.

Turn your store into a full-scale eCommerce
website with a custom store domain.